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About HZPC Vivaldi

A North American potato for all seasons

Vivaldi is a potato for all seasons and shows a versatile nature for consumers by way of the variety of dishes that can be prepared from this delightfully yellow flesh coloured variety.

Vivaldi appeals to the broadest range of consumers; such is the finding from our continuous consumer taste research being conducted with potato consumers in North America and Western Europe.

A new standard has been established for round yellow table potatoes in North America, following nation wide trials and early commercialization efforts of HZPC's variety Vivaldi.

This yellow fleshed potato of distinction is now available for potato producers in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.


Very uniform potatoes with a high percentage of marketable product. Good crop management must be addressed to ensure maximum potential is achieved.


Oval to oblong shape, nice light yellow skin and light yellow flesh color. Relatively high tuber set. Very regular size distribution, the tubers tend to remain medium sized.


Moderate early maturity, rapid development, medium to tall plant, normal, good cover White flowers. Determinant growth habit, not demonstrated problems with vine destruction.


Immune to Wart disease. Good resistance to virus diseases. Moderate susceptible to common scab and early blight.


Culinary qualities are excellent. Tasty potato. Bring out the best flavor by baking, boiling or steaming them. Rather low specific gravity and no discoloration after cooking.


Responds positively on appropriate Nitrogen application. Magnesium foliar applications gives a more vigorous crop. Vivaldi is somewhat susceptible to black spot bruising and pressure bruising. Take extra precautions during harvest, handling and storage.
North America's new yellow potato
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Visibly distinct
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Adaptable to all climatic and production variations
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Maximum yield requires producer management attention

Planting HZPC Vivaldi potatoes in Mexico

HZPC Vivaldi potato emerging

HZPC Vivaldi potato blossom

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