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V stands for Vivaldi and Versatility

Consumers love potatoes! Americas's favourite vegetable after all is the potato. But what do consumers know about potatoes?

Well, consumers do know what they like and our job is to please these consumers! We must provide the following:

1. Available and consistent quality
We can provide healthy, fresh Vivaldi potatoes every day of the year, because Vivaldi can grow in all potato production sites in North America. Fresh potatoes enhance potato consumption experiences.

2. Convenient packages with sizes consumers prefer
With careful attention from farmers, Vivaldi can produce table potatoes that suit needs ranging from delicate baby potatoes favoured by restaurants to robust large sized potatoes to supply the energy demands of today's athletes.

3. A uniformly sized and a blemish free product
Uniquely, Vivaldi produces potatoes in a narrow size range so farmers can tailor their farms to deal with crops that require specific handling. The narrow size range reduces waste and improves the possibility that better quality potatoes will reach the store shelves.

4. A product priced to reflect quality and market realities
With the same amount of fertilizer, water and sunlight, Vivaldi consistently yields higher volumes of marketable potatoes than Yukon Gold. High yields of marketable products per acre means potentially lower unit costs for consumers.

Current thinking would lead one to believe Vivaldi leaves a smaller carbon footprint that Yukon Gold due to higher outputs with the same inputs.

Availability and consistent quality
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Convenient packages
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Uniformly sized and blemish free
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The right price
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Good taste and preparation versatility

HZPC Vivaldi potatoes - taste it!

5. Good taste combined with preparation versatility
HZPC taste research conducted with folks in the North East of North America has shown Vivaldi consistently appeals to the broadest range of potato consumers. With an appealing taste and texture, Vivaldi easily lends it self to wide application for soups, stewing, curries, boiling, baking and micro-waving. Just remember, V stands for Vivaldi and V stands for Versatile.
HZPC Vivaldi flavour testing
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