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HZPC Vivaldi for the Food Service industry

Vivaldi the ideal meal companion

Consumers love potatoes! One special variety offering consumers many options is HZPC's Vivaldi. Vivaldi offers something for everyone, from the ever popular mashed potato to special roasted and highly coloured potato salads.

Vivaldi presents one potato that makes an ideal meal companion because it has a clean bright skin for direct cooking or it can easily be peeled. After cooking darkening, common in many varieties, is not a concern with Vivaldi; this opens numerous options for meal preparations requiring pre-cooked potatoes.

In HZPC's consumer profiling studies, consumers consistently chose Vivaldi for both fresh and cooked appearance and selected Vivaldi again on texture attributes. Vivaldi easily blends with seasonal and ethnic dishes to provide the perfect sensory potato experience.

Consumers have an eye on nutrition, variety and value and today they opt for hassle free meal events in-home and at restaurants. For food service potato providers, Vivaldi's culinary appeal for cooked potatoes, is exceptional.
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Clean bright skin suitable for direct cooking
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No after cooking darkening
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Consumers' choice during profiling studies
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Exceptional culinary appeal

HZPC Vivaldi potatoes in Mexico HZPC Vivaldi potatoes in Florida Enjoying the delicious flavour of HZPV Vivaldi potatoes
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