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HZPC Vivaldi for Producers

The producer's choice for yellow fleshed potatoes

Vivaldi fits HZPC Luxury Style category, however, potato producers will note strong production traits such as wide adaptability, tolerance to environmental stresses, multiple disease resistances, and high yields of uniformly sized tubers. These traits are important but true value of Vivaldi for producers emerges from interest expressed by retail and consuming customers.

Dr. Chad Hutchinson, Professor, University of Florida, comments on the market potential of Vivaldi: Vivaldi has demonstrated incredible yield potential and its attractiveness scores have consistently exceeded our expectations. Vivaldi fits today's rapidly changing consumer market.�

Every year Vivaldi is my highest yielding variety�. Andy McGlinn, Crown Farms, Maine.

Vivaldi as a potato has the potential to establish a new standard for Yellow Fleshed potatoes in the only growth area of the North America potato industry: Yellow Fleshed Specialty Potatoes.

California, Florida, Maine, Canada and Mexico consistently report near record yields lending credibility to the points of wide adaptability for various climates and production methods.

Tough environmental conditions bring out the best in a potato variety and this is the reason HZPC evaluates our varieties and new seedlings under true production conditions found in the North Florida and North Eastern region of North Carolina.

Tested over five seasons from 2001-2005, Vivaldi generated average yields of 295cwt/acre with an average 80% in the marketable A1-A3 size ranges. This represents a yield that is 117% larger than current standards of LaChipper and Yukon Gold. Incidence of internal defects with Vivaldi, under these climatic extremes, was negligible.

Under correct management for plant spacing and fertility, Vivaldi has the capacity to set 20-30 tubers per plant, offering the opportunity to use Vivaldi for the emerging small potato market . High yields of tubers sized 3/4� � 11/2' are possible.
Wide adaptability
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Tolerance to environmental stresses
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Multiple disease resistances
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High yields of uniformly sized tubers

HZPC Vivaldi potato field in Mexico

HZPC Vivaldi potatoes harvested row in Mexico potato field

Close-up of HZPC Vivaldi tubers
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