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HZPC Vivaldi for Retailers

A positive meal experience!

Potato appearance speaks volumes, do they look clean; do they appear all the same size; are they presented in a fashion to generate meal ideas; yellow exotic potatoes suggest flavour and meal excitement.

Creating a positive experience for consumers is a major objective of today's retail companies. Consumer profiling studies has shown that consumers are attracted to Vivaldi's smooth bright skin, uniform appearance and versatility for meal preparation. Vivaldi adds value to the potato purchase by combining culinary qualities and attractiveness.

Uniform sizes, resistance to greening and bright appearance extends shelf life of Vivaldi which in turn extends product marketing time, reduces in store losses, adds to retailer profit lines and creates a positive experience for consumers.

A positive meal experience
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Full of flavour
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Smooth bright skin and uniform shape
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Versatility inspires meal concepts
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Extended shelf live
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Year round availability
Year round available supply adds a critical aspect to potato marketing: Consistency! With consistency a retailer can enhance their store image brand and achieve brand loyalty with consumers.

Vivaldi fits a growing market for consumers looking for convenient products to use as meal components, as tubers can be presented very clean, evenly sized and with a wide range of meal concepts.

Versatile Vivaldi potatoes inspire meal concepts!

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